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April 15th, 2014

If You Buy One Thing This Week: New Heavy Sounds Vol.3

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Record Store Day is once again looming – this weekend, music collector nerds of all shapes and sizes will descend upon their local record shops to buy over-priced and often not-very-good limited edition releases to mark the occasion. However, some of the stuff being put out for Record Store Day is bloody brilliant, and the New Heavy Sounds Vol.3 compilation – featuring a load of killer new tracks from a whole load of their bands – is one of those, hence why it’s our pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week.

Now because this is being released on Record Store Day, there is a limited-edition factor to this – the 12″ vinyl version of the compilation is strictly limited to just 300 copies. However, it’s also going to be sold as a CD and as a download from Monday (and for a dirt-cheap bargain price, at that) that you can pre-order right now, if the idea of rubbing shoulders with a bunch of sweaty vinyl nerds in a queue on Saturday fills you with dread (it should).

New Heavy Sounds Vol.3 cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits


Check out this tracklisting if you’re not convinced:

Black Moth‘Tumbleweave’
Baby In Vain – ‘Sweetheart Dreams’
Limb‘Plague Doctor’
Antlered Man‘Alright Celebrate’
Monolithian – ‘Sea Of Trees’
Transmaniacon – ‘Please Kill Me’
Cut Yourself In Half‘Little Misadventure’
Mars Red Sky – ‘Clean White Hands’

See? Told you. Go pre-order it. If you’re in London, you should bloody well go to one of the fourĀ gigs featuring the bands on the compilation that New Heavy Sounds are putting on this week at The Black Heart in Camden – check here for details and cheapo tickets.