Thrash Hits

April 13th, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: The Radio 1 Review Show – 01 April 2014

BBC Radio 1 Review Show - 01 April 2014 (with Foxes) Thrash Hits

We went on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show for the sixth time earlier this month. Come and listen to what happened when our Deputy Editor, Hugh Platt, got Shrine their first ever play on national radio, and had to describe what listening to a rubbish Rita Ora song was like without resorting to a stream of expletives.

There’s a whole load of other music played on the show, and a lot of chat about it, but thanks to our Mixcloud edit of the show below, you can skip to the bits about Shrine and Twin Atlantic right away (if you’re an impatient sort). You should listen to the whole thing though, just to hear Hugh go off on a deranged rant about how boring the Rita Ora song he had to listen to was, or managing to bring Mr Blobby into a discussion about Skrillex.

Shrine’s debut EP, Closer To The Sun is out now. We made it our choice for If You Buy One Thing This Week. You really ought to own a copy of it by now.

SHINFO: We were originally going to play ‘Tumbleweave’ by Black Moth on the show, but the Big Suits at the BBC got cold feet over the line about “the belligerent porker from the Daily Mail” and we had to switch to Shrine at the last minute. But you can listen to it again now below.