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May 28th, 2014

Album: Trash Talk – No Peace

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Trash Talk
No Peace
Odd Future Records
26 May 2014

by Gavin Lloyd

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your local venue without a hundred scene kids set on beating the living hell out of you, or a frontman lobbing a bin at you, Trash Talk are back. There are very few that would argue against Trash Talk being a live band first and foremost, so does this mean No Peace provides anything for us to get excited about, other than as an excuse for Trash Talk to go out on the road and play those shows?

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At times No Peace feels like Trash Talk’s most accessible album to date. Woah, woah, hang onto your five panels before you kick off about this – the band are still far from being Radio 1 darlings. Lee Spielman’s thoroughly miffed, snotty vocals drape over an array of screw-face riffs on songs that rarely stray past the two minute mark. However there are times when the band spread their wings and throw some actual choruses our way. The pogo friendly ‘Leech’, or the skater punk vibes of ‘SOS’ actually have the potential to get stuck in your head. All that marijuana they’re so fond of also seems to finally having some effect on their music as the chorus to ‘Cloudkicker’ sounds like it has been lifted straight out of a stoner rock album.

This album sees Trash Talk push their boundaries even further than that though, albeit to mixed results. The band have made their love of hip hop clear for a long time now, getting chummy with Odd Future and signing to their record label. While in the past this has produced great results when the two hell raising units have joined each other on stage, and the fantastic ‘Blossom & Burn’ featuring Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats from the band’s previous album, it proves to not always work so well.

The two tracks produced by hip-hop lynchpin The Alchemist, are fine in their own right and provide decent bookends to the album, yet don’t really seem to fit in at all with what is sandwiched between them. Furthermore, the album’s bonus track ‘Stackin Skins’, featuring King Krule and Wiki from Ratking, feels dull and dreary; their laidback vocals do not gelling with the aggression that is at the core of this band.

The major selling point for Trash Talk is still going to be the live experience. Yet in No Peace the band have actually branched out somewhat with the potential of expanding their fanbase, without isolating the lifers. That’s good news for everyone – those impending mosh-pit black eyes are going to have an even better soundtrack this time round.


Sounds Like: Black Flag, The Bronx, Cerebral Ballzy.
Standout Tracks:  Leech, Cloudkicker, Just A Taste.



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