Thrash Hits

May 12th, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: get your first taste of the new collaborative album from Svalbard and Pariso


We’ve made no secret in the past that we’re pretty big fans of both Svalbard and Pariso, so we were more than a little intrigued when we heard that they were working on a collaborative album together. Yes, you read that right – not a split EP, but a collaborative album. And they’re letting us stream the first track/single/whatever you call the first song to be made public from it exclusively here on Thrash Hits.

What exactly is a collaborative album? Well, rather than a split EP where two (or more) bands contribute a handful of tracks for a shared release, Svalbard and Pariso have gotten a little more intimate. Not only is this a full, nine-song album rather than a four-song EP, but on two of the tracks the bands have done a bit of member-swapping to create some true hybrid music. It’s the first of these collaborative tracks – the album’s opening number, no less – that they’ve given us to stream. ‘Floating Anchors’ features three members of each band and boy, it is a rager. #UKSWELL this ain’t.

Stop reading these words and listen to the song:

Look! Here’s some words by Pariso guitarist/Holy Roar Records head-honcho Alex Fitzpatrick about the album’s artwork, painted by none other than BBC Radio 1 Rock Show host, Daniel P. Carter:

There’s no real concept behind the artwork – Daniel P Carter had the piece already and we wanted it as we felt it ably reflected the music being made for this release – i.e dark, but with no suggestions of an overbearing masculinity/too much testosterone, typical to much metal/hardcore.”

He’s not wrong. Go on – if that sexy embed up above isn’t enough for you, take a butcher’s at the raw artwork below and just try to deny it:


Here’s the album’s tracklisting, where you can see how the track-sharing works out.

‘Floating Anchors’ – Pariso and Svalbard
‘Howl Of The Forest’ – Pariso
‘Underground Notes’ – Pariso
‘Helios, The Demise’ – Pariso
‘Delirium’ – Pariso
‘Ripped Apart’ – Svalbard
‘Grayscale’ – Svalbard
‘Allure’ – Svalbard
‘Faceless’ – Svalbard and Pariso

The self-titled album is set for a full release on 07 July 2014 on Tangled Talk Records, so for the time being make sure you’re following both Svalbard and Pariso on Facebook, so you can be first in line to order/pre-order a copy when they’re available.