Thrash Hits

May 11th, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: We welcome our future mechanical overlords

Robots With Guitars Thrash Hits

Seven years ago today, IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue defeated the then-world champion chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a series of six games. If we put on our tinfoil conspiracy-theorist hats, then this was the day that the slow and eventual machine takeover of humanity really begun. With that in mind, we’re taking a break from building our survival anti-Skynet bunker to put together this week’s Slaylist of future-fearing machine-war heavy metal.

Fear of the future, the cold unfeeling hand of machines, and the inevitable enslavement of mankind in the face of such are hardly new subjects for heavy metal – hell, they’ve been subjects for songs since the earliest days of heavy metal. Hell, even the name of the genre itself lends itself to this idea. We’ve gathered our favourites (and a few that aren’t but…errr….fit this week’s theme) into a powerful Slaylist. Give it a listen down below.

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