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June 9th, 2014

EP: Down – Down IV – Part II

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Down IV – Part II
Roadrunner Records
12 May 2014

by Dan Pelic

For those who whiffed at The Purple EP, the second instalment of Down IV may be a homerun.

Phil Anselmo, Jimmy Bower, Pepper Keenan their new crew (replacing the departed Rex Brown and Kirk Windstein) have avenged the unsoundly bruise on Down’s catalog known as The Purple EP, aka Part I of this series of instalments. In retrospect, the previous EP was not so much subpar as it was discombobulated and seemingly pieced together in a way that led to a lack of diversity unacceptable for even the highest of stoner rock fans.

Down IV - Part Two EP cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Part II, however, is a cohesive, classic Down record strong enough to stand on its own. Reminiscent of their acclaimed NOLA album, the sludge is laid down thick. While not a reinvention of the wheels in Down’s repertoire, the record takes some turns that Part I just refused to take. Following the album’s requisite album epic composition, ‘Conjure’, ‘Sufferer’s Years’ comes in with a trademark series of Bill Ward-styled drum triplets to lay the foundation for a relatively upbeat tune that becomes more a headbanger than a drunken head-and-body swayer (as upbeat as a bunch of guys likely having just smoked a quarter ounce of weed each before its performance could possibly be, that is).

This recording signals there is a brighter future for this band formed in 1991 than people deemed it to have after the release of a subpar offering. Would you expect anything less than a solid bouncing back from a band fronted by a man who was clinically dead for four minutes? NO WAY, PUNK!

All said…grab your whiskey, your bong, and take this motherfucker for a joyride.


Sounds Like: Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus.
Standout Tracks: Conjure, Sufferer’s Years.



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