Thrash Hits

June 1st, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: Download Festival 2014 – the bands you know

Download 2014 Bands You Know Thrash Hits

In two weeks time, we will be at Download Festival 2014. Still the single biggest weekend in the UK rock calendar, once again around about 100,000 rock fans will descend upon Donington Park for three days of music, drinking, debauchery, and casual sexism. To get us in the mood for the first three of those things (let’s hope there’s a lot less of the fourth this year, right guys?), the next two Sunday Slaylists are all about the line-up to this year’s festival.

This week: The big guns. The heavy hitters. The bands you know.

That’s why we’ve hand-picked tracks by the biggest names on this year’s line-up for this week’s Slaylist. The kind of bands that you will have heard of, whether you’re the greenest of all rock’s rookies, or the most elitist trve kvlt basement black metal nerd. These are the rock and metal bands of the 2014 bill that you simply cannot have managed to remain ignorant of (whether you want to or not). The guys who get to put their goddamn logo on the line-up poster.

Spotify is available to most of Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and a load of other countries for free – though obviously you’re better off shelling out either £5 or £10 a month for one of Spotify’s premium packages, as then you can listen to our Slaylists without having them interrupted by adverts. For our readers in countries not currently serviced by Spotify….Download Festival 2014 is only a few weeks away so get on a plane and come watch these bands in the really-real world.


Next week? Next week we’re taking on the bands you don’t know that are playing Download Festival 2014. The new guys. The small bands. The bands you ought to know. The weirdos.