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July 18th, 2014

Album: Trudger – Dormiveglia

Trudger 2014 promo photo Thrash Hits

Church Of Fuck / Sell Your Soul Records
01 August 2014

by Cheryl Carter

The British underground is doing some incredible things right now. With small labels like Church Of Fuck getting a hold of bands like Trudger, Old Skin and Esoteric Youth, dirty, doomed music has a home for a long, long time. The aforementioned Trudger aren’t an entirely new proposition – they released an EP two years ago – but they’ve taken their sweet time in order to create Dormiveglia and sure enough, that time was well spent. Dormiveglia (an Italian word for being half asleep, or half awake) takes elements of sludge, hardcore and post-metal and melds them into a coherent, expressive and intense debut full length.

Trudger Dormiveglia album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

‘Into The Abysmal Future’ cuts a darkened swathe across the already bleak landscape, building into the dissonant movements and curious (dis)harmonic vocal patterns of ‘Become Joyless’ in lines of off-kilter rhythm. Trudger haven’t made things easy on this record and as such their sound is never easy to pin down. Mathy riffs filter into the progressions of guitar while stripped back sections offer a slight glimpse of groove before the band pull it back with devastatingly deep vocal lines that seem wrenched from the very bowels of the Earth.

Shorter tracks – ‘Tilikun’ and ‘Devoid’ – break up the otherwise intense expanse of Dormiveglia and show that Trudger are absolutely able to take a step back and allow the listener a deep breath before heading full force into the weighty, disparate ‘Thickening Fog’. It includes some truly beautiful, soaring guitar solos that contrast quite succinctly against the otherwise monolithic soundscapes the band have created.

‘State of Constant Slumber’ begins on gorgeous ambient plains of sound which evoke moments of great sorrow, and when they appear again towards the end of track it gives the destruction Trudger caused with the meat of the track that little more in the way of heft. Closing the record with the heady rhythms and guttural cries of ‘Morgued’, Chris Parkinson’s voice takes on every ounce of pain that has travelled through the record, forces both us and the band to confront our fears in ever increasing vibrations of despair. It’s a huge and monumental ending, and as such Dormiveglia makes for a genuinely exciting debut full-length from this young band.


Sounds Like: Neurosis, Conan, Mastodon
Standout Tracks: Thickening Fog, State of Constant Slumber, Morgued.



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