Thrash Hits

July 12th, 2014

Thrash Hits TV: Thy Art Is Murder vs #LinkinNARC

Thy Art Is Murder Download Festival 2014 by Ben Gibson Thrash Hits

When we went to Download Festival 2014, we had planned on asking all the bands what they would do if Linkin Park ratted them out to the cops (not sure what we’re talking about? Here’s a link to Sublime With Rome’s version of what happened when they played a festival with Chester Bennington and co at a festival in the USA). However, we got distracted by drinking booze and watching bands and only did a handful. The best of our videos – by far – was when we caught up with our old friends CJ McMahon and Lee Stanton from mighty Australian deathcore monsters Thy Art Is Murder what they would do if Linkin Park grassed them up to the fuzz.

You want to see the rest of our #LinkinNARC videos? Here’s the whole lot:

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