Thrash Hits

August 29th, 2014

Heavy Metal Sandwich 007: Tyler Carter + Michael Bohn of Issues

The sandwich is possibly the greatest food-based invention. We need to be able to eat and post on Facebook at the same time. Sandwiches allow us to do this. The best thing about sandwiches, however, is that anybody can eat them. Vegetarian? Put some more salad in. Belly doesn’t like wheat? Use some gluten-free bread then! And everybody has a favourite sandwich. Even bands…


Issues just played Reading & Leeds Festivals to a lot of people but a long, long time ago, we asked them the ultimate question: What is your favourite sandwich? Clearly, Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn eat a lot of sandwiches because they were very indecisive.

Hello there, Issues. What is your favourite sandwich?

Tyler: “I like roast beef or prime rib and horseradish, that’s a big thing in New York. I also like what the Americans call a Reuben, which is corned beef and sauerkraut.”

We know very well what a Reuben is. So does Geddy Lee from Rush.

Michael: “I just like Turkey or Chicken with cheese. I take that back probably a Philly cheese steak would be favourite.”

Metal Rating? 6/6 because while there isn’t much imagination going on here – they’re all off-the-peg choices, so to speak – they’re all solid, tasty, age-old, tried-and-tested combinations that can be easily found at any deli around the world and that’s well metal.



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