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August 6th, 2014

PREMIERE! The video to Warpaint Is Not A Mask by Nice Hooves puts so many crap videos to shame

Nice Hooves 2014 Thrash Hits

Do you know why we hardly ever do “video premieres” or “exclusive first play!!!11!” features very often on Thrash Hits? It’s because they’re rubbish. “Exclusive”, you say? For all of five minutes until someone reposts it elsewhere. They’re nothing more than pissing contests and territorial chest-beating from both the bands and media that both demand and capitulate to them.

That’s why we only do them for stuff we really, really like. That’s why we’re doing it for ‘Warpaint Is Not A Mask’, the brand new and incredible video from Detroit’s Nice Hooves.

Nice Hooves, in case you forgot, are a DIY-offshoot of the similarly DIY and equally brilliant The Armed. Both bands give away all their music for free (which you can get hold of via their label, No Rest Until Ruin). The video itself is a brilliant testimony to DIY filmmaking. Created in collaboration with UVA (an incredible art studio from the UK) who handled the lighting, and The Work, a super creative production team from Detroit who shot it. At no point does it feature a band doing crabcore squats in ruined factories / in forests / pursuing alt-girl models like creepy stalkers / any of the other tired tedious cliches that plague every other video premiere offer that lands in our inboxes.

Watch it big. Watch it loud. Watch it now.

Tony Wolski, drummer and member of both Nice Hooves and The Armed, told us that this video would probably be the last thing the band did in connection to their debut album, so we asked him what the deal is with new material:

We already recorded half of the record in the beginning of the year at GodCity with Kurt Ballou with the intentions of making an EP. As we were working however, it really felt as though there was more to say, and as more and more material was written, the body of work just kind of organically became a full-length. With most of the band already planning to go back at some point do the new The Armed record, we decided to book a longer session, make it a party, and record the second half of the Hooves record too. So we’re gonna get on that in a few weeks, starting in late August.
The material itself is considerably darker and noisier as a whole than our first record. We wrote and recorded the first one before we ever actually started playing any shows, so the band was still kind of taking form. Since then, we’ve played a lot and the whole live thing has sort of become this really aggressive, noisy, really dark kind of experience. There’s still a lot of catchy stuff, but as a whole, this one feels a bit more unhinged.

We are very excited at the prospect of new music from both The Armed and Nice Hooves, both of which we have been banging on about here on Thrash Hits for ages. We highly recommend you go download both bands’ entire discographies right now. Just click on the cover of Nice Hooves’ debut album – which features ‘Warpaint s Not A Mask’ – below and get it for free. DO IT NOW.

Nice Hooves album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits 2013