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September 2nd, 2014

Album: Everyone Dies In The End – All Things Lead To This

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Everyone Dies In The End
All Things Lead To This
22 September 2014

by David Keevill

As a purely instrumental band, you have to remember that every word you do write will be analysed within an inch of its existence. Hitching a ride on the fatalistic “post-” bandwagon, Everyone Dies In the End have their mouths full with their debut album All Things Lead To This, and their heads stuffed with notions of their own grandeur.

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Take a swift look at their Facebook page, and you’ll see that they précis their first offering with this garnish: “Five separate songs but a whole universe when aligned side by side, across each of these grand compositions the band make no apologies for the scope of their ambition.” Well, quite. Sadly though, All Things Lead To This isn’t quite as cosmically intrepid as it would initially seem.

Nearly every track on this five-strong album works on the same principle of building to a grand crescendo, before fading into the next song. These highs are great, clamourous explosions that are well-earned after the meanderings that led to them, but their blasts of supernova light leave everything else in shadow. Everyone Dies In The End fail to capture the sadistic unpredictability of supreme randomists Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Michael Gira’s masterful Swans, and have made a paint-by-numbers drone record that doesn’t come close to their illustrious influences.

To their credit, EDITE have a sharp ear for melodies and a rich sense of ambiance fills the record. They’ve undoubtedly got the skill to create a pleasant-sounding 45 minute showcase of their far-flung ethereal musings, but it’s just not enough to make a mark on this increasingly turgid genre. Ultimately, all the bumpf around All Things Lead To This smacks of self-penned mythology, which Everyone Dies In The End fail to live up to in the delivery of their debut.


Sounds Like: Paint-By-Numbers Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Standout Tracks: We Bears are a Proud Race



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