Thrash Hits

September 28th, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: Thank you, Malcolm Young

Malcolm and Angus Young Thrash Hits

Although the news that AC/DC’s Malcolm Young has been forced to retire from the band came out a while ago, this week there was some particularly sad developments to this story this week. Reports have been released revealing that the cause of Young’s departure from the band is an acute case of dementia – according to some reports, “If you were in the room with [him] and walked out then came back in one minute later he wouldn’t remember who you are.”

As anyone who has seen a close relative suffer through dementia will be able to attest, it is a horrible condition. Sometimes those afflicted by it will be unaware of the condition, but more often than not, dementia sufferers will occasionally regain enough awareness of their condition, which itself can be a traumatic experience. Knowing that your memory is failing, and that at some point in the near future you won’t even remember knowing that you’ve realised that you’re even suffering from a memory condition can be a soul-destroying experience.

That’s why this week for our Sunday Slaylist, we’re choosing to go back and suggest you watch Live at River Plate, the live concert recording from the December 2009 Buenos Aires date of the band’s Black Ice tour. Every single song performed on that show was co-written by Malcolm Young, and we can’t think of a better tribute to him than to spend a Sunday revisiting those songs.

If you want to help fund research into treatments of dementia, as well as provide support for those suffering with the condition, please take a moment to consider making a donation to Dementia UK. They are a great charity doing difficult work, and appreciate every penny people can afford to donate.