Thrash Hits

October 21st, 2014

If You Buy One Thing This Week: Split LP by The Body and Sandworm

The Body and Sandworm Thrash Hits

The weather has turned horrible. Autumn is well and truly here. If You Buy One Thing This Week is not going to cheer up any time soon. In fact, we’re going to get even bleaker. This week we’re turning our attention to the new split LP from The Body and Sandworm, and boy, is it a chirpy little number.

Anyone familiar with The Body will recognise their signature on their contribution to this album – ‘The Manic Fire’ is a 16-minute long experiment merging harsh noise, cold pianos, power electronics and black metal fire into one single, bludgeoning piece of music. In contrast, Sandworm go for a punkier approach. They offer up nine tracks that re-appropriate punk rock tones into the more waspish blackened song structures that the likes of Black Breath and the other members of the Entombed collective fanclub have put to such good use over the last few years. This split LP is a glorious collision of contradictions, but the end result scratches all kinds of cold and blustery musical itches that this weather brings out in us.

The Body Sandworm Split LP album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits