Thrash Hits

October 26th, 2014

Sunday Slaylist: Freddy vs Jason Halloween Special

Freddy Vs Jason Thrash Hits

Last week’s Sunday Spotify Slaylist got us thinking – horror films and heavy metal have a long and established history together, and while Judgment Night is definitely an interesting soundtrack to look at for its historical significance in pairing modern rap and rock together pre-nu metal, it definitely wasn’t a horror film. With this being the last Sunday before Halloween proper, we figured we needed to address this by looking at the soundtrack to something unashamedly Halloween-ish.

We’re going full schlock. We’re diving in to the soundtrack for the nadir/logical conclusion of the supernaturally-endowed slasher villain genre. We’re talking Freddy Vs Jason.

The soundtrack to Freddy Vs Jason is almost as cheesy as the movie itself. Compiled entirely from acts signed at the time to Roadrunner Records, it’s a curious time-capsule to an era when nu-metal was devouring itself from the inside out and giving way to melodic metalcore are middle America’s mainstream metal genre of choice. It means that that soundtrack to Freddy Vs Jason features the likes of From Autumn to Ashes sitting alongside the comical Mushroomhead, with longtime Roadrunner stalwarts like Type O Negative and Slipknot present to give the whole thing a little bit of respectability (although Slipknot’s contribution took the form of a song leftover and rejected from the sessions recording Iowa – while Roadrunner wanted to highlight their cash-cow, they weren’t about to sacrifice a proper song for Freddy Vs Jason…).

There exists a curious parallel between the death throes of nu-metal’s dominance and the end of “pure” slasher films as a box office draw. While both nu-metal and the slasher film continue to exist, neither has the luster and success that they enjoyed prior to this movie, which itself acts as a bookend to the original run of both the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises; after Freddy Vs Jason, both series received (much maligned) reboots, with Rob Zombie even taking charge of the cack-handed re-imagining of Jason Vorhees. Perhaps we’ll look at Rob Zombie’s movie/music situation on a forthcoming Sunday…

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