Thrash Hits

November 11th, 2014

Did Gene Simmons just accidentally leak a Download Festival line-up announcement? (Answer: Yes)

From the KISS frontman’s personal Twitter account

Oh Gene.

This is probably why you shouldn’t let ageing rockstars setup their own pre-dated scheduled tweets. The offending tweet has since been deleted, but hey, nothing ever really gets deleted on the internet.


But of course.ThatsNotWhatTrolling-Means

Hmmmmmmm. Riiiiight.



  • truthseeker

    who even gives a fuck? the andy copping dead scene is just funny…must be a smaller circle backstage every year…until it’s small enough for pyramid rings to be given out ..recyclic horseshit and his big company PR’s have stalked all the little up coming and hard working ones with ideas in to retirement…they’d rather do other stuff in life than have all the ‘big name’ Pr’s stalk them for contacts…the ACP dead scene..bloody hilarious…godsmack in the UK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

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