Thrash Hits

November 28th, 2014

Thrash Hits TV: Raging Speedhorn – new album EXCLUSIVE!!1!

Ahh, it’s like an early Christmas gift! We’ve made no secret how much we’re fanboys for Raging Speedhorn. We’ve gone on about them so much that they sent us a little video message before they head out on their first UK tour in damn-near nearly a decade kicks off next week. The whole bloody band pipes up to discuss their comeback, their upcoming tour, and – BEST OF ALL – some details about the brand new music coming from the band in 2015.


Go buy a ticket to their UK tour and pick up a t-shirt while you’re there. We’ve said it before and no doubt we’ll say it again at some point in the future: give Raging Speedhorn as much of your disposable income as you can.

Raging Speedhorn December 2014 UK tour poster Thrash Hits

And yes, you should also go buy copies of Raging Speedhorn’s self-titled debut album, We Will Be Dead Tomorrow, How The Great Have FallenBefore The Sea Was Built, and hell, even their rarities collection while you’re at it. That way when their new album comes out in 2015, you’ll have the full set.


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