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December 11th, 2014

The Month in M0sh with Gavin Lloyd – December 2014

Bring Me The Horizon 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

We’ve got David Keevill doing prog. We’ve got Cheryl Carter doing black metal. And now we’ve got Gavin Lloyd on pop-punk, nu-metal, metalcore, and anything other microgenre likely to feature heavily in the world of Tumblr fan blogs.It’s time for The Month in M0sh…

1) Bring Me The Horizon headlined Wembley Arena

There are very few success stories in British metal like Bring Me The Horizon’s, going from being one of the country’s most hated (and rubbish) bands, to being one of the most loved. If anyone popped back to 2006 to let everyone know that BMTH would be headlining Wembley Arena in 2014 it would sound more ridiculous than if they had claimed the Daleks were about to. BMTH still may have their detractors, but their whining is definitely overpowered by an arena full of people screaming. Everything about this show was massive. A massive production accompanied the massive venue including a massive projection screen and a whole massive heap of pyro.

The set unsurprisingly weighed heavily in favour of Sempiternal, however there were a fair few choice cuts from their back catalogue including ‘Pray For Plagues’ featuring original guitarist Curtis Ward. Although it did stand out somewhat when next to such abrasive material, new radio friendly single ‘Drown’ provided a real goosebump moment and a definite highlight of the set. There has already been a lot of hyperbole spat about this show, but for this writer’s money it was one of the best arena rock/metal shows in recent memory and there’s only going to be more shows of this size for BMTH going forward.

2) Hayley Williams to receive Trailblazer award at Billboard Women In Music Awards

When bands who have been knocking about for six years and have three albums to their name are winning “Best Newcomer” awards, and there are categories like ‘Best Haircut on a Bassist’, it’s easy to become disillusioned with awards ceremonies. While in a lot of cases they may be an excuse for people who work in the music industry to pat themselves on the back and get pissed, this shouldn’t take anything away from Paramore’s Hayley Williams being recognised with the first Trailblazer award at the forthcoming Billboard Women In Music Awards. While both sexes are well represented in pretty much all genres, rock music continues to trail behind, dragging it’s knuckles and remaining largely a boys’ club. Hayley has taken Paramore to sold out arena shows and headlined festival sets the world over, and she has done it all on her own terms. In a world where US publication Revolver has New Years Day’s Ash Costello posing topless in their ‘Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock 2015’ calendar, we need figures like Hayley Williams more than ever.

3) There was another Punk Goes Pop compilation

Death and taxes may be the only two certainties in life, but Punk Goes Pop compilations are quickly becoming a third. Everyone knows what to expect by know, a host of “punk” bands (read as: Warped Tour darlings), put their twist on recent chart. The sixth installment is about as hit and miss as its predecessor compilations were, being largely miss. Although if you trudge through the nonsense and there are a few gems buried within. Following Set It Off’s surprise hit packed return with Duality, the same sense of bombastic fun is present on their cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’, while We Came As Romans’ cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’ is the best song in their back catalogue. Although the undisputed highlight by miles comes from Upon A Burning Body and Ice T covering DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’. Much like Falling In Reverse’s cover of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was the best song on the last edition, it’s ludicrously over the top and all the better for it. It’s a shame they didn’t do this sooner as this is far more worthy of people’s attention than that silly kidnap stunt.

4) There might be a new Brand New album on the way

It’s pretty frustrating being a Brand New fan. Having recently updated their website to say they’re in the studio, it got a lot of fans awfully excited, but what really got them in a tizz was the conspiracy theory bait that came with it. The website also reads “Procrastinate!, PoGolith Earth Sound Alliance 2015” – whatever that means. There was also a button which read ‘hype’ in the corner. When clicked it took the user to a music video on YouTube that looked like something plucked from a lost episode of The Mighty Boosh. Whether these men dressed as monkeys are playing a new Brand New song is up for debate. It would be a pretty radical departure if so, but this is Brand New so anything is possible. The website was recently changed again, the ‘hype’ button now reading ‘node’, and taking users to a website that seems to be from when you had to get off the internet if someone wanted to make a phone call. Again, God knows, but Brand New fans are finding themselves down the kind of rabbit hole that would give the biggest Lost nuts a headache.

5) PVRIS seem to be everyone’s new favourite band.

Rise Records have long established themselves as one of the quintessential US rock labels, bringing the world the likes of Sleeping With Sirens, Of Mice & Men and Issues. Recently they unveiled another band destined for big things, but somewhat of an unexpected band when compared to their current roster. PVRIS are the first female-fronted band to be signed to Rise, and offer the sort of big pop rock that gleefully invites Paramore comparisons. What sets them apart from the many Paramore clones though is that their music is steeped in dark electronica that sees them act as a more rock crowd friendly Banks or Purity Ring. Their debut White Noise seemingly came out of nowhere to rave reactions from critics and fans alike. Expect to hear a lot more from PVRIS going forward.

6) While She Sleeps return

While She Sleeps‘ upwards trajectory as one of the UK’s best young metal bands came to a screeching halt last year, when frontman Loz Taylor had to undergo surgery for throat problems. Although the band made a few appearances at summer festivals to show they were back in action, fans were still left waiting for some actual new material from the Sheffield five-piece. The wait came to an end recently when the band unveiled the first two songs to be taken from their forthcoming second full length. Both ‘New World Torture’ and ‘Four Walls’ prove that Loz’s vocals are in rude health and there’s no radical departure in terms of sound. What the songs do offer is the same trademark heavy delivery of fiery anthemic moments that signal that upwards trajectory is set to carry on where it left off. The album Brainwashed will be released on 23 March 2015, with the band heading out on a co-headline tour with Cancer Bats in April.


Gavin Lloyd will be back with more thoughts on pop-punk, nu-metal, and all those other genres you claim to hate buy spend ages talking about online. We’ve seen you do it. Right now, go argue with Gavin about them via his Twitter account.


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