Thrash Hits

January 25th, 2015

Sunday Slaylist: Bastions’ back catalogue

Bastions 2013 promo photo Thrash Hits

This week we went and saw Bastions play live at The Old Blue Last here in London. It wasn’t the best show we’d seen from the band – vocalist Jamie Burne admitted onstage that he was losing his voice, and given his vocals are such a major part in Bastions’ appeal, it was always going to hamstring the band a little bit – but we were still blown away by just how good this band is even when they’re not at full strength. Man, this bloody band.

That’s why this week’s Sunday Spotify Slaylist is us wallowing in the band’s back catalogue. This has damn-near everything the band has ever done: their amazing full-length album, Hospital Corners, their early EPs Island LivingKingdom of Dogs, and We Will All Sink, and their intriguing two-part concept EPs. We’re pretty sure the only thing that’s missing are the ultra-rare Hello, I Have Toxic Shock EP, and the tracks from the only-just-released split EP they’ve done with Burning Bright. With the band getting ready to finally recording a new full-length, now is a great time to reacquaint yourself with one of the best British underground acts of the last 5 years.

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