Thrash Hits

February 3rd, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week: pre-order Two Hands by Turbowolf

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it a pre-order of Two Hands by Turbowolf.

This is a cheeky one – Two Hands by Turbowolf isn’t even out until April. So how the hell can it be our choice for If You Buy One Thing This Week? Well, because the artwork has just been released, Turbowolf  are going all-in on drumming up the hype for their pre-orders, and as their unashamed cheerleaders, we are too.

There’s a whole heap of Two Hands packages available, ranging from £9.99 (where you get a digipak CD copy of the album) all the way up to a £50 version (where you get the album on gold vinyl and on CD, a posters, sunglasses, a bag, and even more stuff). Guess which one we bought? Yeah, we’re marks for this kind of stuff. Shut up and take our money, ‘wolf crew.
Turbowolf will be hitting the road later this month in support of Death From Above 1979. We’ve already bought tickets. We’re getting ready to do some Since Day One gushing about Turbowolf throughout 2015. Sorry, not sorry. Pre-order this record and maybe we’ll shit up about them*.

Go pre-order Two Hands by Turbowolf RIGHT DAMN NOW


*We won’t.