Thrash Hits

February 10th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week: Swell by Drug Church

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it Swell by Drug Church

We’re pretty big marks for anything and everything to do with Self Defense Family, aka the band that End Of A Year became. We’ve espoused the joy that is Overnight Drive, the podcast made by current and former members of the band. And this week, we’re listening an awful lot to Swell, the new EP from SDF frontman Patrick Kindlon’s side-project, Drug Church. We think you ought to be doing just that too.

Drug Church have always had a bit more self-deprecation to them than SDF, with Patrick Kindlon’s world-weary vocal delivery slotting into the more muscular grunge vibe of Drug Church just as well as it does into the more thoughtful post-whatever direction that SDF gleefully lurk in. Shut up criticising our stupid way of describing this. Just go buy it.

If you buy one thing this weeek, make it Swell by Drug Church


You can watch the video to the lead track from the EP, ‘But Does It Work?’, if you don’t believe us: