Thrash Hits

March 16th, 2015

If You Buy One Thing This Week: KTHEAT by FACT

If You Buy One Thing This Week, make it KTHEAT by FACT

Our boy in Japan, Adam Graham, is a long-time friend of Thrash Hits. FACT, the band that he provides guitar/vocals/beards for have a new album out, so we’d be pretty shitty if we didn’t reciprocate that friends and make it our pick for If You Buy One Thing This Week. It’s called KTHEAT and it certainly doesn’t hurt matters that it’s a bloody awesome record.

KTHEAT has a bit more muscle and grit than past FACT albums, but they’ve not lost their melodic sensibilities that they manage to float alongside their beefier riffs. It makes quite a change from so many Western bands, to whom “increased melodicism” is all too often a codeword for “got soft and lost what it was we liked about them in the first place. It also has the most gratuitous (and therefore best) use of a man roaring “LET’S GET READY TO RRRRRRRUUUUUMMMMBBBBLLLLEEEEEE!” that you’ll hear outside of a heavyweight boxing match  Go and buy it right now and listen to track 8 ‘loop’ to hear what we’re on about..


If you still need convincing, check out the video to ‘the way down, one of the leads track from the album. YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THIS ON YOUR SMARTPHONE TO SEE THE FULL EFFECT, but here’s the YouTube version (which we strongly recommend you don’t watch until after you watch the phone version at the link above!):