Thrash Hits

March 24th, 2015

If You JOIN One Thing This Week: Holy Roar Records’ Club(s)

Holy Roar Records Thrash Hits

We started this column with the sole intention of getting you, our dear readers, to buy more music, and to buy more good music at that. And there’s no denying that London-based label Holy Roar Records has been responsible for an absolute shitload of good music over the last nearly-nine years or so. So now that the label has launched a pair of subscription clubs to help you get more of their music quicker, easier, and cheaper…well, we’d be fools not to feature it in this column, wouldn’t we?

Yes, that is clubs, as in the plural. Holy Roar have two levels of entry, depending on how much you like the label’s output/how big your wallet is.

Join the Circle of RoarFirst, we have the Circle of Roar. This is a FREE option, so you’ve got absolutely no reason whatsoever not to sign up. What’s the worst that can happen? You never think about it ever again. What’s the best that could happen? You might discover your new favourite band. For FREE.

The basic perks for joining the Circle of Roar are (and we’re quoting here):

  • early and in-depth news on new releases and artists
  • free mp3s
  • exclusive competitions
  • exclusive access to discounts
  • giveaways
  • other awesome things

Holy Roar even promise not to spam you and to only contact you when appropriate if you sign up to the Circle of Roar. Singing up is a a piece of piss too – just head on over to the Holy Roar website and “purchase” a subscription. FOR FREE.

Join the Inner RoarFor those of you willing to shell out the not-unreasonable fee of £50 per year, you can upgrade and get membership of the Inner Roar club. You get a whole extra set of perks with this one (again, directly quoting them here):

  • 10% off all your orders with Holy Roar
  • Early access to pre-orders (never miss out on limited variants)
  • Free shipping on all orders over £40 (in addition to 10% off)
  • One free exclusive Holy Roar shirt that is only available to club members and nowhere else.
  • Prize draws for test pressings and other Valuable Goods – 2 big prize draws per year.
  • Regular free MP3s both from our back catalogue and of upcoming releases
  • Loads of other free extras

Yep. That sounds like a pretty damn swell package to us. Singing up is easy – just head on over to the Holy Roar website and give them the cash.