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Welcome to Thrash Hits.

This isn’t a news blog. We review albums. We interview bands. We do the funny shit that the other mags haven’t thought of yet. We don’t rely on Google to send readers our way. We rely on quality content. We don’t ever expect to be the biggest. If that’s what we wanted, we’d cover a bunch of really popular bands really positively and hope they link to us on Facebook or we’d write up two dozen press releases a day, post them as news and claim to be bigger than the rest.

We don’t care about that. We’re happy being better. We want you to know that we believe in everything you read on the site. Quality breeds quality. You cannot buy your place on this website. There will be no conflicts of interest. Everything you read on this website will be written without prejudice. If it’s good enough or bad enough, it’ll be here. There might only be a couple of articles a day, but we do our best not to feed you any shit. We believe that if we care, you’ll care enough to come back. Simple.

After you’ve read what we’ve got to say, we pass the reins over to you. This is Thrash Hits and we’re here to stay. We hope you enjoy yourselves.

Raziq Rauf, Editor
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