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†HYMNS† is a 2 piece atheist rock band. †Hymns† is an interpretation of classical music through the medium of vocals, guitar and drums.

God has spoken and his words were “Pray for Hymns...” Read more on

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Future Hits 088: †Hymns†

August 31st, 2011

†Hymns† promo photo Thrash Hits

From: The Midlands, UK
Lazy Equation: (run,WALK! + Nick Cave) – Blakfish

Thrash Hits Verdict:
When Birmingham-based Blakfish called it a day back at the start of 2010, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that their news received a mixed response here at Thrash Hits HQ. Their skew-whiff math-rock got a thumbs-up from some, but for others amongst us, it was downright irksome. Those opinions haven’t changed when it comes to &U&I, the band that three quarters of the band then went on to form. But what of Sam Manville – the other quarter of Blakfish? Well, he went and formed †Hymns†. We dropped him an email to find out what’s what with his new band.

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