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3 Inches of Blood was formed in 2000 in Vancouver, Canada. Initially playing straight heavy metal in the vein of bands such as Running Wild and Judas Priest, before the addition of heavy vocalist Cam Pipes and the recording of their debut album Battlecry Under a Winter Sun in 2002 on the Teenage Rampage label. This release went by almost unnoticed until the band's UK distribution label decided to put them on as a support slot for a tour with platinum rock band The Darkness. Read more on

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Sunday Slaylist: Bloodstock Open Air 2013

July 14th, 2013

Bloodstock Open Air 2013 logo Thrash Hits

In just four weeks time, arguably the “most metal” (whatever that means) of the UK summer festival season takes place: Bloodstock Open Air. To get ourselves in the mood for a weekend of wearing denim vests and drinking mead out of horn, we’ve put together a gigantic Sunday Spotify Slaylist, featuring the best of this year’s line-up.

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Album: 3 Inches Of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

March 15th, 2012

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3 Inches Of Blood
Long Live Heavy Metal
Century Media
26 March 2012

by Tom Dare

If you’re the kind of metalhead that reacts to that particular end of the metal spectrum – you know, the one draped in leather and fur, that’s unduly fond of Vikings and loves the first four Manowar albums as much as it doe its own kids – the same as you would if your local served you a pint of horse’s piss instead of beer, 3 Inches Of Blood probably aren’t for you. However, if you look at Rob Halford decked out in leather screaming ‘Painkiller‘ and think it’s the most amazing thing in human history, step this way.

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Album: 3 Inches Of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom

September 17th, 2009

3 Inches Of Blood 3IOB promo photo Thrash Hits

3 Inches Of Blood
Here Waits Thy Doom
Century Media
31 Aug 2009

by Wrigz

We all know about Jamie Hooper’s departure from Canadian Power Metal outfit, 3 Inches Of Blood, due to vocal problems and possible damage. We all know about the infamous punch up that led to the change in drummers. But what we want to know though is, can these guys still produce the goods with the line-up changes, and can Cam Pipes cope with his elevated vocal duties role?

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