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33 is a one man project that started in 1998 and terminated in 2015. It is 100% electronic music. Most of the productions have heavy usage of sampling and customized effects, usage of electronic drum sounds such as the Roland TR series. Speech synthesis was used on the MESSY album which was released on the now defunct Yomi Record netlabel. Most of the production process is rudimentary and crude and might be misleading in sound quality. Read more on

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Live & Photos: Gallows + 33 + Bastions @ London ULU – 23 July 2011

July 28th, 2011

Frank Carter's final show with Gallows c/o Ben Gibson for Thrash Hits

Less than a month ago, Frank Carter, frontman of arguably the most successful British punk band in a generation, announced his intentions to leave the band that made him – and conversely, that he made – part of the firmament of Britain’s rock scene. With Gallows set to perform once final show with Frank at the helm, Thrash Hits headed en masse to ULU…

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