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Formed in 2008 with a solid DIY ethic, Midlands based, alternative/metal quintet, ACODA, have quickly become one of the UK underground's best kept secrets. ACODA have independently toured throughout the UK and Europe, bringing their powerful song-writing and furious stage show to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia on their travels.

Debut album, Yours To Defend was released late 2013

Damon Tang - Vocals + Guitar
Jake Crawford - Guitar
Stephen Crook - Bass
Jay Russell - Drums

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Sunday Slaylist: The COROT-3b Prize (last chance to vote!)

October 27th, 2013

COROT-3b Prize Sunday Slaylist Thrash Hits

HEY YOU: the Mercury Prize is announcing it’s 2013 winner on Wednesday 30 October 2013. That mean we’re announcing the winner of our COROT-3b Prize too. Don’t know what the COROT-3b Prize is? Well, go click on that link. Everyone up to speed? Good. You’ve got mere hours left to cast your vote, so we figured we’d use this week’s Sunday Slaylist to not only remind you of who’s up for the prize, and to prompt any Johnny-come-lately types to CAST THEIR VOTES NOW.

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Sunday Slaylist: The COROT-3b Prize (vote now!)

September 15th, 2013

COROT-3b Prize Sunday Slaylist Thrash Hits

Yes, yes, yes, the Mercury Prize doesn’t have any metal in it. Yes, yes, yes, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Yes, yes, yes, that hasn’t stopped us resurrecting the COROT-3b Prize to celebrate a dozen great British metal albums from the last 12 months. Go click that link if you need an explanation why we called that. Everyone else: go click the “Read More” link and go listen to our Sunday Spotify Slaylist of this year’s COROT-3b nominees.

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Vote for the best British album of the year in the COROT-3b Prize

September 11th, 2013

No Metal Mercury Prize 2009 Barclaycard Thrash Hits

Yes, we know the Mercury Prize is just a marketing vehicle for the NME and the Guardian and we’ve genuinely given up complaining about rock and metal not being included in there – even as a token gesture, like they occasionally do with avant garde and jazz artists – but it’s a bloody good excuse to have a little celebration of the excellent British music that has been released over the past year.

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Album: Acoda – Yours To Defend

September 2nd, 2013

acoda band promo photo 2013 thrash hits best before records red bull

Yours To Defend
Best Before Records
21 October 2013

by Raz.

The thing I love about debut albums is that they give me hope. It’s a new band and, assuming I’m enjoying the album, it allows me to believe that Iron Maiden and Metallica aren’t going to headline every rock festival ’til the end of time. All I really need from a debut album is enough excellent songs to ensure that I can definitely recommend a song to someone, for instance. Acoda have definitely got enough excellent songs on Yours To Defend.

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