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Against The Grain

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There are multiple artists with the name Against The Grain.

1. Against The Grain was a Punk-Hardcore band that had started in the mid 80's from MV /San Juan Capistrano along with other locals such as U.T.I, Violation, Hangover, Bored to Death, F.R.I., Virulence, Symbolism Of Belligerency.
Originally a 3 Piece Band, They went on Tour and were the first out of the area to get some higher profile gigs. They scored a record deal & recorded, but the record Read more on

Against The Grain on Thrash Hits

Hey! Our boy Valient Himself is going back on tour with Valient Thorr and Brief Lives

October 20th, 2014


Valient Himself is a busy man. Not only does he front Valient Thorr, but he also sings in Brief Lives and produces the excellent Thrash Hits-sponsored Rocknowledgy podcast. It’s the first two of those three things that we’re concerning ourselves with today, as both of Valient Himself’s bands are about to start touring the bejesus out of the USA.

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