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Alec Empire is undoubtedly a veteran, having released his first record while still at school. At the age of fourteen he formed his English-speaking band, Die Kinder (The Children), supporting bands like Die Toten Hosen. With Atari Teenage Riot he incited rebellion, while still finding time to battle as a DJ with Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike, and make more remixes than most people have had hot dinners! Though maybe primarily known for his groundbreaking Digital Hardcore recordings Read more on

Alec Empire on Thrash Hits

Live: Alec Empire @ London Islington Academy – Thursday, 19 November 2009

November 24th, 2009

Is Alec Empire ditching that pure-electro he’s been messing with to return to his Digital Hardcore ways? Hugh Platt is responsible for the excitable words; Paul Caudell takes the blame  for the exciting pictures.

Alec Empire Live November 2009 by Paul Caudell Thrash Hits

Sometimes, mankind is able to spot a devasting force of nature before it hits, we know when it arrives it’s going to shit the fuck out of everything and leave devastation in its wake, but we can’t move out of the way. I’m talking Hurricane Katrina, Mount St Helens, the eventual-destruction-of-mankind-at-the-hands-of-our-own-self-destructed-ecosystem sort of thing here.

And that’s Alec Empire tonight – an unstoppable, fuck-you-up-no-matter-what-you-do sonic force.

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Interview: Alec Empire – “The way people react in Germany it’s like they walking zombies”

April 28th, 2009

Alec Empire Nic Endo promo photo Thrash Hits

Alec Empire in 2009 isn’t the sloganeering noise terrorist that formed Atari Teenage Riot back in 1992. He’s no longer the riot-starter that tore Reading Festival several new arseholes with Atari Teenage Riot’s legendary 1999 main stage sonic-enema. He’s not the man who one-upped Trent Reznor by turning a support slot under NIN into 45 minutes of white-noise mayhem. Alec Empire isn’t the nihilistic agent of self-destruction, that sliced himself open and bled all over a terrified Highbury Garage in 2001.

Because Alec Empire embraced electro. With 2008’s The Golden Foretaste of Heaven, Empire ditched digital hardcore, that unholy mash of hellish white noise, sampled Slayer riffs and firestorm jungle, for a clinical, cleaner electronic approach. Doesn’t exactly fall under the Thrash Hits remit, right? Right. But the announcement of his forthcoming The Past-The Present-The Future tour, when he revealed he would include Atari Teenage Riot material in his set for the first time in a decade, changed all that.

Alec Empire’s got his shitkicker shoes back on, and he’s coming for you.

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