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There are several bands sharing the name Black Majesty

1) Black Majesty is a black metal band hailing from Trondheim (Norway). Black Majesty has released two demos in 2007 and an EP called "Seventh King of Edom" in 2009.

2) A melodic power metal band from Melbourne, Australia.

So far they have released five LPs: Sands of Time (2003), Silent Company (2005), Tomorrowland (2007), In Your Honour (2010) and Stargazer (2012).

The band was formed in

Black Majesty on Thrash Hits

Album: Black Majesty – In Your Honour

June 4th, 2010

Black Majesty
In Your Honour
14 May 2010

by Tom Dare

Power metal is not having the best of years. The new Sabaton is fair but virtually indistinguishable from the previous four albums, Rhapsody Of Fire’s latest is fine but less than what they are capable of and Avantasia released a double album that was a soporific slab of boredom of biblical proportions. In the hour of need, into the breach steps a hero from the unlikeliest of places. From Australia come Black Majesty, bringing with them In Your Honour, a record better than many of their more famous peers.

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