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Bone Dance

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Bone Dance is a chaotic hardcore band from Boise, Idaho, formed in 2008.

Bone Dance takes the grime and gravelly glut of the band’s previous work, the self-released Snakecharmers, and reevaluates not only its intensity, but also the band’s heritage: retooling the ferocity of hardcore, the technical acumen of extreme metal, and the minimal gauze of sludge and doom.This is the kind of tight, controlled, anvil-heavy music that only comes out of an area dominated by the Religious Right Read more on

Bone Dance on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 130: Bone Dance

December 10th, 2012

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Bone Dance
From: Boise, Idaho, USA.
Lazy equation: (Gaza + All Pigs Must Die) x the hopelessness of urban isolation
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Thrash Hits verdict: Bleak, uncensored, American nihilism – Satan knows, it’s easy to fake it (and believe us, we gets emails by the hundred from bands who try and fail), so when you stumble across the genuine article, it’s something of a rare treat. Step forward Bone Dance – hailing from the not-sure-if-we’ve-ever-written-about-a-band-from-there Pacific North-Western state of Idaho, there’s more venom in the first 30 seconds of Bone Dance’s new record than in every two-bit piece of aggro-posturing taking up an undeserved place in an Album of the Year list on either side of the Atlantic. We gave the band’s bassist and chief visual artist, Bryce Kresge, to talk about the roots of anger, Japanese aesthetics, and how much Nikki Sixx sucks.

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