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Note: The official name of Brian Welch's solo project is "Brian Head Welch".

Brian Welch (born June 19, 1970 in Torrance, California), better known by his nickname, "Head," was a member of the band KoЯn, who were an influential group in the rise of the nu metal movement. Welch played rhythm and lead guitar with the act as well as provided backup vocals.

Before the formation of KoЯn, Welch was friends with James "Munky" Shaffer. The two jammed together on guitar. Read more on

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Album: Brian ‘Head’ Welch – Save Me From Myself

November 19th, 2008

Brian ‘Head’ Welch
Save Me From Myself
Driven Music
3 November 2008

by Hugh Platt

Let’s just make sure we’re all up to date with the story of Brian ‘Head’ Welch, shall we?

Boy meets other boys. Boys form band. Band helps kick start trendsetting but later much-derided music genre. Band gets big. Band gets stratospheric big. Boys celebrates by getting off their tits on drink and drugs and porn star wives. Boy gets addicted to bad lifestyle choices. Boy finds God. Boy quits band. Boy bitches about Band. Band bitches about boy. Boy writes book about God. Boy makes up with band although does not rejoin. Boy writes another book about God. Boy makes solo album.

Which is where we come in for this, the painfully-titled Save Me From Myself.

If we didn’t already know it was because of the Big Man upstairs, after listening to Save Me From Myself, you sure as shit know that Head didn’t quit KoRn because of ‘musical differences’.

From the Jonathan Davis-copycat vocals, right down to the Nursery rhyme breakdowns, this record sees every half-cocked KoRn-ism have any remaining spark of imagination panel-beaten out of it. What we’re left with is a paper-thin facsimile of KoRn’s earlier output, with one even more tragic flaw.

Head’s riotously literal lyrics veer from the nascently banal to hilariously lacking any self-awareness. “Flush! / All the puke i’m throwing UP! / In the toilet, this SUCK! / not a part of growing UP”, he alternately wails and croaks through ‘Flush’, disregarding subtley with all the grace and charm of a Born-Again doorstepper.

Watch the video to ‘Flush’ by Brian ‘Head’ Welch

Head doesn’t just spell out precisely what concrete-thick message he’s trying to send, but writes it in the lyrical equivalent of giant red capital letters, with underlining just for good measure. While Brian ‘Head’ Welch is probably eager to proselytise the story of his fall and subsequent redemption, it’s hard to see why anyone – and especially anyone with a modicum of taste – could care less.

If you thought the knuckle-dragging Fieldy’s Dreams was the lowest ebb of KoRn-related solo works, then Save Me From Myself is going to be forehead-slappingly dimwit revelation. Amen.


Brian ‘Head’ Welch – Save Me From Myself tracklisting
Save My From Myself
Die Religion Die
Washed by Blood