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Brigade are a four piece band from Britain. Fronted by the soft toned Will Simpson who writes exactly how he sees the world, with confusing cynicism and passion. James Plant who brings both passion and energy that drives the music, Naoto Hori whose bass playing skills give depth, and Andrew Kearton who pounds the skins driving the music’s heartbeat onwards.

Musically they sound like a hybrid of Placebo/Muse/Cave-In/Oceansize/Desman/My Vitriol nature meshed together in harmonious delicate melodies that build up to pure writhing rock. Read more on

Brigade on Thrash Hits

In Photos: Offset Festival (Rock Stage) – 30-31 August 2008

September 1st, 2008

We went down to Hainault Forest in Essex for the unlikeliest festival of this summer – Offset Festival.

Check out the photos we took of the headliners on the Rock Stage – The Ghost Of A Thousand, Brigade, Fightstar and My Vitriol.

Offset Festival – Guitar Hero Rock Stage photo gallery

Brigade appear on Lucozade advert

August 18th, 2008

Brigade Will Simpson Thrash Hits promo shots

One of our favourite British rock bands, Brigade are featured on the new Lucozade advert.

Their track, ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is used in the advert, which is a bit Bourne Ultimatum. It’s good!

Watch the new Lucozade advert featuring Brigade


Brigade: Crisis of confidence

July 24th, 2008

Brigade have been living in the shadows for far too long. Anne Waites talks to frontman Will Simpson about the trials and tribulations of fulfilling his lifelong dream before they head out on tour across the UK.

Brigade Will Simpson Thrash Hits promo shots

Brigade kick off a new UK tour this week, so with the prospect of airing tracks from their ace new album Come Morning We Fight – independently-released and crammed with catchy highs – you’d think they’d be swaggering back out on the road to show the world what they’re made of. But the new tour begins with frontman Will Simpson suffering a crisis of confidence.

“I’m in a bad place right now,” he confides. “I’ve had a bit of a confidence blow. I’m trying to get out of it at the moment, but I’m nervous. I’m going out there thinking are there going to be people there at the shows? Are they going to appreciate it? Are we going to pull it off? There’s a lot of pressure that’s knocked me slightly lately.”

Will Simpson is a born worrier, a character trait he says he gets from his mother. He grew up in Suffolk, the eldest of three brothers, and he realised that he wanted to be a musician (and not, as he’d previously thought thanks to Top Gun, a fighter pilot) when he had an epiphany watching a school band play Nirvana’s Sappy. He’d spend hours in his room pretending to be Axl Rose and learning grunge classics on his guitar.

Watch the video to ‘Pilot’ by Brigade

For the last five years he’s been fronting Brigade (completed by guitarist James Plant, bassist Naoto Hori and new drummer Andrew Kearton), fielding lazy comparison to his brother Charlie’s band Fightstar, building up a fanbase whose tastes in music are informed by something a little bit more in-depth than whatever the flavour of the month may be.

“They’ve been so supportive,” he smiles. “They see something in this band, and I think they’re not any way scene-orientated. There’s no bullshit, it’s just all about the strength of rock music. It might not be the biggest fanbase in the world but I’m proud to say they’re our fans, and I hope it grows.”

The new album finds him viewing the day to day horrors of living in London, with its weekly murders and increasingly perilous grasp on common decency. But as he worries about whether his lifelong dream is panning out in quite the way he hoped, it sounds like album number three will find him looking inward and, possibly, finding deeper inspiration.

Watch the video to ‘Magneto’ by Brigade

“Everyone gets down but I’ve had periods lately where I’ve had real low points that I’ve never experienced since I was very young,” he admits. “I had some issues back then that I had to see a psychologist about. So I think maybe it’s time to delve into that. Not do the whole clichéd ‘Oh I’m so tortured, let’s sing about it,’ thing, but trying to be hopeful through the lyrics.”

And that’s the point – there is plenty to be hopeful about. Brigade are in the tradition of British rock bands with integrity and their own personality. To lose them, as we lost the much loved but eternally underground Reuben, would be a sad thing indeed.

“What my bandmates keep reminding me of is that so many people would kill to be where we are,” nods Will. “We’re lucky. The fact is we’ve done it ourselves. And that’s a wonderful feeling. So we’ve just got to keep going.”

“I’ve just got to work on the self-belief,” he realises. “I think the most important thing is I’m trying to do something about it rather than wallowing in self pity. So I might go out there and I might struggle and I might not sing my best, but I’ve got to enjoy it and say next album I’m going to nail it and people are going to prick up their ears and say this band have really fulfilled their potential. That’s what I’d really love.”

Brigade summer 2008 UK tourdates with Slaves To Gravity

Colchester The Twist
23 Norwich Arts Centre
24 Southampton Joiners
25 Oxford Zodiac
26 Nottingham Rock City
27 Cardiff Barfly
29 Birmingham Bar Academy
30 York The Duchess
31 Glasgow Garage

Manchester Roadhouse
02 Newcastle Academy 2
03 Stoke Sugarmill
05 Cambridge The Portland
06 London Barfly


Download Festival – Saturday 14 June 2008: Interviews and photos

June 14th, 2008

Thrash Hits .com is backstage at Download Festival 2008 getting all the latest gossip from as many bands as we can lay our hands on. Check out a few interviews and some great live photos below.

Download Festival Saturday

Saxon – Biff Byford
Download #3
What are you looking forward to the most at Download Festival 2008?
You always look forward to the gig and hope that people have a good time. To be a band that plays festivals, you have to try and get the audience to lose where they are; to really get into the band and have a good time.
What is your main aim when you’re playing a festival?
I don’t really think festivals are about promoting a new album or anything like that. It’s all about all the fans together having a great time and the band just playing some great fucking rock and roll.

Brigade – Will Simpson
Download #1
How’s Download Festival 2008 been for you so far?
We’re so looking forward to playing in front of so many people that we wouldn’t get the chance to play for normally. It’s a hell of an opportunity.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Fighting With Wire. Not in a homoerotic way. We’ve been out on tour with those boys and they’re just absolutely crazy. The antics that they pulled out were some of the finest tour pranks I’ve ever seen.

Sign – Zolberg
Download #2
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Seeing Kiss was pretty amazing with the zipline and the fire-breathing. He was spitting blood.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Ace Frehley. I’d like to get him drunk and make him tell us jokes. I hear he’s quite a funny guy.

The Wildhearts – Ginger and Scott
Download #loads
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Scott: Rob Halford.
Ginger: Yeah, Scott enjoyed Rob Halford. He screamed, then he talked, then he continued to scream. Otherwise, seeing the Wildhearts tshirts out already. It’s great seeing them so early.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Ginger: Get Girls Aloud on the bill. No? Get Rammstein on the bill then. They would be the best headliner of Download if they played.

Johnny Truant – Ollie Mitchell
Download #3
What’s been your most memorable Download Festival 2008 experience so far?
Someone tried to break into our van last night while we were sleeping in it – a girl. We chased her off with a belt. We’re still here and haven’t had anything stolen. We’re pretty stoked that it’s our third Download and we’re one of those bands that keeps getting asked back.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
I’d choose Biffy Clyro. They’re seem like rad dudes and they party. They’re from the same soil.

The Ghost Of A Thousand – Memby Jago
Download #4
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience of the day?
I vomited last night. Today I’ve been walking around all the campsites because I didn’t know where I was going. I saw Madina Lake today. The hair was good. The drummer had a special needs moment when he grabbed his head and just started wiggling about!

Kids In Glass Houses – Shay
Download #2
What’s been your best Download Festival 2008 experience of the day?
I’ve only been here an hour. It’s all changed around but it’s all good. At the moment we’re much more concerned with the alcohol situation.
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
It would have to be Incubus for Brandon Boyd! He’s a good-looking boy with the voice of an angel.

Skindred – Benji
Download #3
How’s Download Festival 2008 been for you so far?
This is some scary weather man. Here’s the sun! Here’s the rain! What’s going to happen?
If you could share a hotel room with any band tonight who would you choose?
Seether. I know they’re good guys and have a lot of fun. They know when to start and they know when to stop.

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