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Castrovalva are an experimental noise rock trio (formerly duo) consisting of Drums, Bass and Vocals based in Leeds, UK; they blend elements of noise rock/post hardcore and grime to create their valva big beat sound.

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Castrovalva show that bad dancing isn’t just an indie thing with video for ‘In Our Prime’

June 23rd, 2011

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Do you remember that video for ‘Lotus Flower’ that Radiohead put out to promote their recent King of Limbs album? Y’now, the one where Thom Yorke dances like a lunatic? Well, Leeds-based noiseniks Castrovalva have gone and done something similar, only with growling angry noise instead of limp-glitch indie, and a mad-limbed ginger fellow instead of a black’n’white Thom Yorke.

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