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Catapult The Dead is a superb Post-Metal Band for you all to check out. They have a free single to download from their BandCamp Page from their forthcoming debut album. Valencia is a 5 minute thrill ride into the darkest territories of the human psyche. It has a great experimental edge to it as well. All looking good for their forthcoming debut album. Check out the excellent video they currently have for Valencia. Dark, Creepy and very mysterious but altogether epic.

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Future Hits 181: Catapult The Dead

August 14th, 2014

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Catapult The Dead
From: Oakland, USA
Lazy equation: Mournful Congregation x early Cult of Luna + even more crushing despair
URLs: Facebook // Bandcamp // BigCartel

Oakland’s Catapult The Dead do not take shortcuts. They make anti-Easy Listening music. Case in point being their debut release, All Is Sorrow: a single, 37-minute track that drives through six distinct and equally harrowing passages of punishing heaviness. It was written to be experienced in a single, uncompromising listening session, and boy, it was an intense 37 minutes. We got in touch with them to ask them to explain what we’d just experienced.

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