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Coma Prevail is a 5 piece melodic hardcore band from Tucson AZ, rising from the ashes of The Bled (guitarist Jeremy Ray Talley) and Scary Kids Scaring Kids (vocalist Tyson Stevens) and rounded out by rhythm section, guitar player Matt Barrios, bassist Jacob Reyna, and Stephen Majalca playing the drums.
This desert born quintet look to capture and blend, in essence the devastation and beauty captured by both former bands.

In the fall of 2013 Coma

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Sunday Slaylist: Those we lost in 2014

December 14th, 2014

As we start to wind down for the year and reflect on the past 12 months, we thought it was important to remember that not everything abut 2014 has been about brilliant music or amazing gigs. As with every year, some of our favourite musicians who were with us back on 01 January will not be with us come the end of 31 December, and this week we wanted to take the time to remember a few of them, and their works.

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