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Three and a half recluses make up Cyril Snear; a band that draws its influences from its harsh surroundings on the dangerous borders of Didsbury & Burnage. Afflicted with aggressive cases of cabin fever, they must venture out and make their delicious noise in as many towns and cities as possible....


Cyril Snear on Thrash Hits

Live: *shels, Cyril Snear, Tall For Jockeys + The Kites of San Quentin @ Manchester The Ruby Lounge – 24 June 2012

July 6th, 2012

*shels live at Manchester Ruby Lounge c/o Ruth Booth Thrash Hits

If you listened to our podcast this week, you’ll have heard that Tom Doyle wasn’t too impressed by *shels‘ London performance. One show doesn’t necessarily represent the performance of an entire tour though, and that’s why we sent Ruth Booth to Manchester’s Northern Quarter in the hopes of finding the lesser spotted epic alternative…

Six things we learned when we saw *shels in Manchester:

[

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