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Dream Evil is a heavy-power metal band from Sweden, assembled and integrated by renowned musical producer Fredrik Nordström in 1999.

Fredrik had the ambition of creating a band of his own for a long time, but was yet to find somebody with musical ideals similar to his. However, while on holiday on the Greek islands during the year of 1999, he met guitarist Gus G (from Firewind and Mystic Prophecy). The two musicians got along quite well, despite their age difference of over a decade. Read more on

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Hammerfest 2012: Reviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

March 18th, 2012

Hammerfest 4 Logo Thrash Hits

It’s time for the first Thrash Hits festival splash page of 2012! This dubious honour once again falls to Hammerfest. All of our Hammerfest 2012 coverage from the weekend will be linked to on this here post, so make sure you bookmark it as it’s all you’re going to need. That means individual band coverage in the form of photos and setlists, as well as reviews of each day’s highlights. Every scandalous rumour and dirty bit of gossip that our man David Keevill overheard, and every outrgeous photo of Pontins-based debauchery that Gary Wolstenholme snapped, will be here.

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Photos: HammerFall & Dream Evil @ Sheffield Corporation – Monday, 03 May 2010

May 21st, 2010

Unless you’re properly thick or something, you can’t help but notice that we had some…”technical issues” earlier this month. Maybe if you’d signed up to our mailing list (that box in the top left of your screen? Yeah, that’s it) then you’d be in the loop with all the cool kids and would know what I’m on about. Anyway, that’s the reason why we’re obscenely late in publishing Gary Wolstenholme’s excellent photograph’s from HammerFall’s UK tour earlier this month.

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