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Earth Crisis is a hardcore band from Syracuse, New York since 1989, considered influential for pioneering the metalcore style and the vegan straight edge movement. Members are vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarist Scott Crouse, bassist Ian Edwards and drummer Dennis Merrick; third guitarist Erick Edwards joined in 1998.


Studio albums
• Destroy the Machines (1995, Victory)
• Gomorrah's Season Ends (1996, Victory)
• Breed the Killers (1998, Roadrunner)

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Album: Earth Crisis – Salvation of Innocents

March 4th, 2014

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Earth Crisis
Salvation of Innocents
Candlelight Records
03 March 2014

by Tomas Doyle

If you turn on the news, you will see an earth crisis: storms, war, remorseless lack of respect for our planet. That is nothing new of course; as a species we’ve been ripping ourselves apart from the inside and buttfucking the environment for as long as we’ve had conscious thought. Similarly, if you head down to your local record store you will see a new album by Earth Crisis.

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Album: Earth Crisis – Neutralize The Threat

September 1st, 2011

earth crisis band promo photo 2011 thrash hits

Earth Crisis
Neutralize The Threat
Century Media
4 July 2011

by Dan Pelic

While Earth Crisis were undeniably an innovator in shaping the sound that became the metalcore genre, even they cannot advance the genre any further themselves – let alone with a single album. Neutralize The Threat is a respectable follow up to 2009’s To The Death, but it does little to inspire something new in the listener.

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