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Fitting to its name, the San Francisco quartet Enablers writes songs that are equally manipulative and encouraging to our darkest desires. The band made up of journeyman veterans of Swans, Tarnation, Nice Strong Arm and Toiling Midgets merges dramatic and flowing melodic soundscapes -- of which SF Gate calls "possibly the world's best power trio" -- with the visceral spoken narratives of underground literary veteran Pete Simonelli. It's almost as Read more on

Enablers on Thrash Hits

Album: Enablers – Tundra

January 28th, 2009

enablers band exile on mainstream thrash hits

Exile On Mainstream
26 January 2009

by Jerry Ewing

Art, in metallic terms, is all too often a by word for arse. And on paper Enablers really shouldn’t offer too much for the ardent headbanger. But these days rock fans can be a thoughtful bunch, seeking all manner of catharsis in sound, and if it’s this latter category you feel you subscribe to, then Tundra might just be for you.

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