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End To Empires are a 5 piece hardcore/metal band from the UK, formed in 2009 of the remnants of two other Leeds based bands, D-Rail and The Vs. Project. The bandreleased a 3 track Demo CD through Beefy Records in 2010, This was recorded by Jason Sanderson in March of that year. If you're looking for a sound bite, End to Empires is in no way worship or a homage. Similar to the projects with which members have previously been involved, this band is looking to plough their own distinctive furrow in a 'scene' plagued with sound-a-likes. Read more on

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EP/Split: Lavotchkin & End To Empires

April 19th, 2011

Lavotchkin / End To Empires split promo photo Thrash Hits

Lavotchkin & End To Empires
Thirty Days Of Night Records
17 April 2011

by Andy Parker

Before the dawn of Napster, when Steve Lemaq had a voice worth listening to and Jo Whiley was ear candy for pubescent boys in need of a mother figure to tell them what to buy the following morning in Our Price, there was this thing called “vinyl”. Record labels regularly released split singles and label samples across these curiously grooved devices, which played on a thing called a “record player”. In the UK, we were spoilt for choice with these labels, and their all-too-keen ears for new sounds. What better way to reach a wider audience than your home town than to hook up with one from somewhere else and bang out a stonker of a appetiser?

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