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There are two artists bearing the name Falconer:

1) Falconer is Stefan Weinerhall's (former guitarist of Mithotyn) Swedish power metal project, with strong folk influences, aimed at being similar to Mithotyn, but (in contrast to typical harsh vocal-ed folk metal/viking metal) with clean vocals.

Created in May 1999, the project initially started unnamed. Their self-titled debut album Falconer was released in March 2001. Since then, they've released eight other albums: Chapters from a Vale Forlorn (2002) Read more on

Falconer on Thrash Hits

Album: Falconer – Armod

June 2nd, 2011

Falconer 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

Metal Blade
07 June 2011

by Tom Dare

The ever-entertaining Falconer are usually a safe bet to return with a plethora of hooks and a collection of songs to warm the cockles whenever they announce a new album. The difference this time is that those hooks are all entirely sung in Swedish, and their wander across stylistic borders has gone even further afield.

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