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Fightstar is a post-hardcore band, formed in 2003, from London, United Kingdom. The band consists of Charlie Simpson on vocals, guitar and keyboard, Alex Westaway on guitar and also providing vocals, bass guitarist Dan Haigh and drummer Omar Abidi. They have released three studio albums, "Grand Unification" in 2006, "One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours" in 2007 and most recently "Be Human" in April 2009. Before releasing any albums the band released "They Liked You Better When You Were Dead", a 6 track EP. Read more on

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Sonisphere Festival 2010: Interviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

August 6th, 2010

It’s time for another Thrash Hits festival splash page – and this time it’s for Sonisphere! All of our Sonisphere Festival 2010 coverage from the weekend will be linked to on this here post, so make sure you bookmark it as it’s all you’re going to need need. That means individual band coverage (interviews, photos, setlists and maybe even some reviews), all the dodgy rumours and salacious gossip we overhear, and every lewd photo of fit girls frolicking about at Knebworth we can rustle up will be here.

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Video: Fightstar – ‘The English Way’

October 3rd, 2008

Fightstar Charlie Simpson Omar Abidi Al Westaway Dan Haigh Thrash Hits

Fightstar have released the video to their new single, ‘The English Way’.

The single will be released on 3 November 2008 on their new label, Search And Destroy on CD, 7″ vinyl and as a digital bundle with a collection of b-sides – ‘Colours Bleed’, ‘Drown’, ‘The English Way (acoustic)’ and an Imogen Heap cover, ‘Hide & Seek’.

The multi-talented and wonderfully-eyebrowed Charlie Simpson plays drums on these b-sides as Omar Abidi broke his hand 4 weeks ago.

Fightstar will be on the road this autumn, supporting Feeder and release a new album in summer 2009.

Watch the video to ‘The English Way’ by Fightstar


In Photos: Offset Festival (Rock Stage) – 30-31 August 2008

September 1st, 2008

We went down to Hainault Forest in Essex for the unlikeliest festival of this summer – Offset Festival.

Check out the photos we took of the headliners on the Rock Stage – The Ghost Of A Thousand, Brigade, Fightstar and My Vitriol.

Offset Festival – Guitar Hero Rock Stage photo gallery

Album: Fightstar – Alternate Endings

August 1st, 2008

Fightstar Charlie Simpson Omar Abidi Al Westaway Dan Haigh Thrash Hits

Alternate Endings
Institute Recordings
11 August 2008

by Pete Lockey

Fightstar return, almost a year on from their last full length release, with a collection of b-sides, rarities and one new track. With the band only having two albums and an early EP to their name it could be seen as something of a gamble.

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Fightstar to release Alternate Endings

July 10th, 2008

Fightstar Charlie Simpson Omar Abidi Al Westaway Dan Haigh Thrash Hits

On 11 August 2008, Fightstar will release a collection of b-sides and live session recordings from the past three years entitled Alternate Endings.

Containing 15 tracks, including ‘Floods’ from a Radio 1 session and an acoustic cover of Deftones ‘Minerva’, and an enhanced section which contains the video for ‘I Am A Message’ as well as a video of the band answering fans’ questions, it should be a good purchase for any completist Fightstar fan.

Thrash Hits .com has heard it, and we reckon it’s ace.

Fightstar Charlie Simpson Omar Abidi Al Westaway Dan Haigh Thrash Hits Alternate Endings

Fightstar – Alternate Endings tracklisting

1. Floods (acoustic) (Colin Murray Radio 1 Session)
2. Where’s The Money Lebowski
3. Waitin’ For A Superman – live version (Colin Murray Radio 1 Session)
4. Amethyst
5. 99 (acoustic) (Colin Murray Radio 1 Session)
6. In Between Days
7. Shinji Ikari
8. Dark Star
9. Gracious
10. Fight For Us
11. Hold Out Your Arms
12. Nerv/Seele
13. Zihuatanejo
14. Breaking The Law
15. Minerva (acoustic)

+ I Am The message” video
+ Behind The Scenes of the Floods video shoot
+ Waitin’ For A Superman – filmed at Maida Vale Studios
+ Backstage fun filmed at Download Festival 2008
+ Video of the band answering fans’ questions


Fightstar: More than meets the ear

June 27th, 2008

Fightstar are on the Radio 1 playlist, they’ve played the Main Stage at Download Festival 2008 and have toured the UK. Raziq Rauf talks to them about everything but the music.


Having released their second full-length album, One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours in September 2007, Fightstar‘s fans have had a chance to learn and love all of those songs now and that was evident as so many of the words were sung back to the band at Download Festival.

“When we played in Glasgow, it wasn’t like they were just the best crowd on this tour,” says an animated Charlie Simpson. “They were the best crowd we’ve ever had. I don’t know what happened that night but it was 80 minutes of total metal.”

The past three years have been a constant learning experience for the band and their latest discovery is that they can dispense with a tour manager and just use drummer Omar Abidi to fill that role.

This time round, the band has actually made some money from touring. “You kinda need money,” deadpans bassist and ideas man Dan Haigh, helpfully.

Watch the video to the Radio 1 playlisted ‘I Am The Message’ by Fightstar

There is much more to Fightstar, however than just the music. Not only have they documented their whole career with a view to releasing a DVD and made a lot of their own music videos but they’re also in the business of feature films.

“I’ve always been interested in creating a film from scratch,” says Dan. He continues, “We’re writing in, acting in it, shooting it, directing it, scoring it doing all sorts of production and all the promotion. It’s very gory and action-packed – there are some scenes where we get shot in the face – but at the same time has a very deep message.”

Having seen some clips, Thrash Hits .com can definitely confirm that it is going to be very, very gory and action-packed with several limbs getting blown up and indeed off.

“We’ve created all the special effects using guerrilla tactics,” explains Charlie. “We went to SoHo and sneaked into production house open days. We bribed technicians to get DVDs of their 3D technology.”

Watch the video to ‘Floods’ by Fightstar

It’s not just on stage, record and on film that Fightstar get their kicks. Oh no. Charlie was recently invited by the Ozzy Osbourne’s son, Jack to climb glaciers and throw himself off the Hoover Dam on the Prince Of Darkness’s offspring’s television series, Adrenaline Junkie.

“It’s the kind of thing I would like to do on a personal level,” says Charlie. “Up against six weeks of promoting Fightstar, however, it just wasn’t an option.”

Instead, Charlie likes to get his kicks from speed. “I just like going fast – it’s not just fast cars,” he explains. “Whatever vessel takes me, whether it’s a car, a plane or a speedboat.”

It’s a passion shared by Dan. “Chasmo just likes to go fast, but there lies the inherent difference between him and me,” says the bassist. “I appreciate a well-oiled machine. I’m the kinda guy that’ll get up early on a Sunday and just wax the s**t out of some plastic!”

Watch the video to ‘Deathcar’ by Fightstar

Fans will be pleased to hear that Fightstar have already headed into the studio to demo a few tracks. “We’ve just written three new songs. We’re super happy with them,” Charlie says.

“The next album is probably going to be a bit more straight down the line. There will be a couple of meat grinders thrown in, of course.” You’ll be able to read more about Fightstar’s deep love of meat in the near future.

Fightstar play at Guilfest, Summer Slam, Minifest, Greenbelt Festival and Offset Festival over this summer

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