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Foetal Juice are a 4 piece death metal / grindcore band from Manchester, England that formed in 2005. Find out more about that at their official facebook,

Foetal Juice is a brutal Death Metal band with a passion for the gory and perverted side of life, that inclueds influences of serial killers and necrophilia. Up to now they had played various shows and built up a healthy following playing alongside bands such as, Kastrated Read more on

Foetal Juice on Thrash Hits

Future Hits 162: Foetal Juice

November 29th, 2013

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From: Manchester, UK
Lazy equation: (Song Title Puns x Wanking) x DEATH METAL
URL: Facebook // BigCartel

Thrash Hits verdict: Death metal bands with revolting names aren’t new. Death metal bands with silly, bodily-function-orientated song titles/lyrics aren’t new either. We see so many of them passing through our inbox on a dialy basis we’ve actually run out of convoluted metaphors to explain just how little a shit we give about them these days. Foetal Juice are different, however. Their latest EP is called Big Trouble in Little Vagina – a play on words of one of John Carpenter’s classic cinematic team-ups with Kurt Russell. That got our attention. We got the band’s drummer, Rob Harris, on the line to tell us why they chose to desecrate a great work by two of Thrash Hits’ cinematic idols in the name of filthy death metal.

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