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Funeral for a Friend was a post-hardcore band from Wales. They formed in 2001 as a sextet called January Thirst. This did not last long, and in 2002 Funeral for a Friend recorded their debut EP Between Order And Model with their original 6-piece line up. After having been together for just a few months, the band changed their line up and subsequently signed a deal with Warner Brothers records for whom they recorded their second EP Four Ways To Scream Your Name. Read more on

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Interview: Funeral For A Friend’s Ryan Richards talks about the band in 2011

January 24th, 2011

With a mammoth tour of the UK’s dives approaching and a brand new album (their fifth!), Funeral For A Friend are taking this year by the scruff of its neck. It was only reasonable to ask drummer Ryan Richards some stuff about it all

funeral for a friend band promo photo thrash hits 2010

19 dates? That’s surely one of the longest UK tours you’ve done for a while?
It’s a hefty one alright. We’ve been talking about adding a few more dates as well so it may just end up extending even further – possibly into the longest UK tour we’ve ever done. With the new lineup and new album – it feels like the perfect time to do it.

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Sonisphere Festival 2010: Interviews, Photos, Setlists, Gossip – it’s all here

August 6th, 2010

It’s time for another Thrash Hits festival splash page – and this time it’s for Sonisphere! All of our Sonisphere Festival 2010 coverage from the weekend will be linked to on this here post, so make sure you bookmark it as it’s all you’re going to need need. That means individual band coverage (interviews, photos, setlists and maybe even some reviews), all the dodgy rumours and salacious gossip we overhear, and every lewd photo of fit girls frolicking about at Knebworth we can rustle up will be here.

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There’s STILL no Metal in the Mercury Prize

July 22nd, 2009

The 2009 Nationwide Mercury Music prize shortlist has been announced, and once again Hugh Platt finds himself screaming at the sky, shaking his fist like an ineffectual caveman cursing the Gods for making it rain.

No Metal Mercury Prize 2009 Barclaycard Thrash Hits

Once again, the great and the good of the UK music media are hunched over, hands clasped around their critical appendages, and are furiously word-wanking their opinions onto betting slips. That’s right: the shortlist of albums fighting for the 2009 Mercury Prize have be announced, and yet again – for the 18th year running – metal has been denied a presence on the final shortlist.

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2008 into 2009: Funeral For A Friend

December 20th, 2008

After furrowing the independent trail in 2008, Funeral for a Friend have much to be proud of. We caught up with guitarist Darran Smith (far left) about getting older but staying debaucherous and keeping his teeth.

ffaf f4af funeral for a friend new line up lineup thrash hits gavin burrough gareth davies matt davies Kris Coombs-Roberts Ryan Richards Darran Smith

What was your highlight of 2008?
The highlight of 2008 was getting our first album Memory and Humanity out on our own record label, Join Us Records.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you in 2008?
Worst thing that happened was probably me getting a year older, haha.

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Photos + Live: Funeral For A Friend @ London Kentish Town Forum – 04 November 2008

November 12th, 2008

ffaf f4af funeral for a friend new line up lineup thrash hits gavin burrough gareth davies matt davies Kris Coombs-Roberts Ryan Richards Darran Smith

It’s election night in America and on televisions across the world, but in Kentish Town, London it’s all about Funeral For A Friend.

The Forum is packed full and despite the chilly climes outside, there is steam rising from the sweaty shoulders of the moshpit, leaving the venue rather humid.

Mixing classics like ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ with fresher cuts from their recent album, Memory And Humanity, the set was balanced as well as varied.

Playing those old songs gave all those here who have followed the band from the start exactly what they wanted while the new songs were played to new and old fans alike. The reaction was the same, regardless.

There were shoes and CDs flung onstage, hands raised, calls answered and riffs slain tonight.

It was just another Funeral For a Friend show.

Funeral For A Friend @ London Forum photo gallery by Lynsey Wright

Album: Funeral For A Friend – Memory And Humanity

September 24th, 2008

ffaf f4af funeral for a friend new line up lineup thrash hits gavin burrough gareth davies matt davies Kris Coombs-Roberts Ryan Richards Darran Smith

Funeral For A Friend
Memory And Humanity
Join Us Records
13 October 2008

by George Fernandez

No longer on a major label, Funeral For A Friend are releasing their fourth album on their own label and a founding member, bassist Gareth Davies has recently left for fresher pastures.

They may have a new bassist now (Gavin Burrough, pictured above – second from left), but it’s still not looking good at all. Surely this is the last throw of the post-hardcore dice for the Welsh wizards.

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Funeral For A Friend lose bassist, find bassist

September 4th, 2008

funeral for a friend thrash hits paul harries

Funeral For A Friend have parted ways with their bassist, Gareth Davies (pictured, second from left) and have replaced him with Gavin Burrough, formerly of Hondo Maclean/The Future/Ghostline.

Here is Funeral For A Friend’s official statement from the band’s MySpace blog.

Hi there everyone

It’s with sadness that we announce Gareth Davies has left Funeral for a Friend. As some of you may know, Gareth has been living in America for the past couple of years, and recently got married. Ultimately, the strain of travelling between continents has taken it’s toll and Gareth made the decision that it would be in the best interests of himself, his family and Funeral to leave the band. We totally respect and understand his choice, wish him all the best in his future and we thank him for being part of our lives for the past 6 years. We’ll miss him.

We’d like to take this opportunity therefore to welcome Gavin Burrough (Ghostlines/Hondo Maclean/The Future) to the family. Gav is a super-tall, super-talented dude whom we’ve all known a long time and we’re sure you’re gonna love him as much as we do.

Weird fact – Gav was born on the same day as Gareth. AND both their names begin with a G. Crazy stuff.

Look forward to seeing you on tour.

Funeral For A Friend 2.0

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