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갤럭시 익스프레스 (English: Galaxy Express) is a rock band which was made up in 2006 in Seoul, South Korea. Currently it consists of three members: 이주현 (Lee Joohyeon) - Bass/Vocals, 박종현 (Park Jonghyeon) - Guitar /Vocals, and 윤홍구 (Yoon Honggu) - Drums. Each member gained experience in the music scene in the bands like Ghetto Bombs, Vassline, etc. They appeared at various concerts such as EBS Space Gong Gam, Gwang Myeong Music Valley 2007, and Indie Music Festa 2007. Read more on

Galaxy Express on Thrash Hits

Friday Morning YouTube Blah: Galaxy Express – ‘Jungle The Black’

June 4th, 2010

One of our friends is currently taking a year off from real life and knocking about the far east, doing whatever it is Northerners do when they have too much money and nothing sensible to spend it on. Earlier this week he was in Hong Kong, and he saw Korean garage rockers, Galaxy Express, tearing up some squalid little dive bar. Knowing full well that we love this kind of nonsense here at Thrash Hits, he fired on an email alerting us to a neat little video for one of their songs, ‘Jungle The Black’. Good work there, soldier!

This band also kinda makes us miss Guitar Wolf. We might have to watch Wild Zero again this weekend, while everyone else is off enjoying Rage Against The Machine’s free gig in Victoria Park. Not all of us here at Thrash Hits were able to get a ticket, y’see. NOT THAT WE’RE BITTER OR ANYTHING.