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Ghast is a black/doom metal band from Wales, UK.
They formed during 2004. A full length album appeared on Todestrieb Records during 2008.
Terrible Cemetery CD followed in 2010 then the Club Bearer CD in 2011.
Their second full length album 'Dread Doom Ruin' also released by Todestrieb Records, appeared during 2014.

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Sunday Slaylist: Live Evil Festival 2013

September 29th, 2013

Live Evil 2013 Thrash Hits

In keeping with our ongoing theme of Winter metal-fest themed Sunday Slaylists, we were going to put something together today to herald the impending (and quite frankly magnificent-looking) Live Evil Festival 2013. We say “were”, because yesterday while bumming around on the internet, we found out that Dylan Hughes aka A Fist In The Face Of God got there first. And made a better mix than we ever could.

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