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Goes Cube is a trio hailing from Brooklyn.

After bludgeoning their local NYC rock circuit, they made numerous DIY treks across the continent and endeared themselves to loud music critics nationwide. Garnering praise as “favorite underground locals" and bringing “newfound hope for the future of rock in New York City” they have rapidly sold out of their two EPs “Beckon The Dagger God” (2007), and "Not What We Thought" (2008).

Walls of thick distorted guitar (David Obuchowski)

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Album: Goes Cube – In Tides And Drifts

July 3rd, 2011

Goes Cube 2011 by David Bergman Thrash Hits

Goes Cube
In Tides And Drifts
The End Records
27 June 2011

by Andy Parker

Goes Cube’s debut, Another Day Has Passed, rattled my core from the onset when it was released back in 2009. It perfectly fitted the gap between the sometimes over indulgent progressive musings of the likes of Baroness or Mastodon, and the stoner blitzkrieg of Helms Alee or Dozer. It almost seemed impossible for a three-piece to craft such a fully-involved sound.

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Future Hits 031: Goes Cube

May 21st, 2009

They might be a hipster metal wet dream, but Brooklyn-based Goes Cube are too busy taking care of business with epic fuzz-riffs to care too much about that. Vocalist/guitarist, David Obuchowski, gave us the skinny.

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From: Brooklyn, USA
Sounds like: Torche, Quicksand, Hull

Thrash Hits verdict: This is a grand example of beardy metal and obviously it comes from the East coast of America. It’s doubtful that they’re going to make big waves on either side of the pond any time soon, but they definitely are dead cool. Check it out if you enjoy rubbing your chin a lot.

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