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There are two bands using the name Gorse.

The other is an avant-folk group hailing from Cornwall, England whose debut opus "May The Gorse Be With You" was released on V/Vm Test in 2002 to much critical acclaim. Their genuine cover quote by Aphex Twin ("this music will make you mad") is perhaps an overstatement, but only just.

One is a stoner/noise rock band, hailing from England, whose debut EP was released in 2009 on Calculon records. They have a new album called Bovine Soul released on I Made this Records. Read more on

Gorse on Thrash Hits


April 9th, 2010

It’s not often we say this – fuck, it’s probably the only time we’ve ever said it – but this weekend London is just Too Damn Metal. Not only are EyeHateGod playing at ULU tomorrow (Oh. Hells. Yes!), but the number of metal events going on this weekend that we actually want to go to (as opposed, y’know, to shitty clubnights full of children listening to shitty punk music) actually exceeds our ability to attend.

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